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Calor Gas

We are registered retailers for the whole Calor Gas range. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer the opportunity to purchase Calor Gas online, but we have a large stock available, so please drop into our store, where one of our staff can help you.

Finding the different colours of Calor Gas difficult to navigate?

Patio Gas

A propane gas but stored in green cylinders. It is only suitable for outdoor use, and is ideal for barbecues and patio heaters.

It comes in two sizes:

5kg – for small portable BBQs with no more than three burners, or small table top patio heathers

13kg – is ideal for large patio heaters and larger BBQs with four burners or more

Most barbecues and patio heaters are supplied with a 27mm clip on regulator which will fit the Patio Gas cylinders.

Propane Gas

Stored in red cylinders. It is only suitable for outdoor use, and is mostly suitable for commercial heating and large appliance fuel.

It comes in five sizes:

3.9kg – ideal for DIY tools such as blowtorches and small industrial burners

6kg – suitable for heating and cooking in caravans and motorhomes all year round

13kg – again suitable for caravans/motorhomes and light commercial use, plus greenhouse heaters

19kg – for use in caravans/motorhomes, greenhouse heaters, light commercial use and heating/cooking in catering vans

47kg – ideal for commercial heating and drying, other light commercial use and exterior domestic use such as greenhouse heaters and static caravans