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Car Crash 6th February 2023

Posted by John Seccombe | 07/02/2023

At 2am Monday 6th February a vehicle travelling at speed left the carriageway and impacted our boundary wall on the corner of Jersey Road and Syon Lane. We understand that the driver and passengers suffered only cuts and bruises and we are thankful that none of the injuries were reported as more serious. Unfortunately the damage to the car and buildings was extensive and the police attending made the decision to close the road to mitigate any additional risk. The car was finally removed at about 8pm Monday night and a crew erected scaffolding around the damaged building which continues to pose a risk. We understand it was necessary to build the support structure out into the carriageway at the end of Syon lane due to the excessive damage and to prevent further risk of collapse. Currently the road is still closed at the junction but we have been in communication with Hounslow council and the local police who are in the process of arranging temporary traffic lights to allow traffic to move on Syon Lane.

We are understandably unsure at this time how long the scaffolding will be in place, and we are already in the process of planning remedial works to repair the damage caused. We are very much aware of the disruption this may be causing and we will be doing everything we can to remedy the situation in a timely manner. We remain open for business as usual.