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Update: 1st June

Posted by John Seccombe | 01/06/2023

Following from a meeting held yesterday with our insurance broker and the Loss Adjuster we have been advised this incident has been passed over to the major claims department due to the scaling costs of the rebuild now estimated at well over £100k. During the meeting we strongly expressed our concerns about the continued delays and disruption being experienced on the roads outside and the negativity being projected at our business and staff. They assert they are understanding of our predicament and have assured us they are moving as quickly as possible but are keen to point out there are procedures in place that must be followed to ensure a fair and correct resolution and that this was more complicated due to the excessive damage of the building. The approved contractor who was also present is ready to begin works when in receipt of the report from the major claims department but is keen to point out the risks involved in dismantling the unstable building which will take time to complete. For this reason we are advised the scaffolding will remain in place until the building is safely disassembled and the risk to workers and the public is removed. Both parties are unprepared to offer timescales due to factors still to be resolved but we hope to have an additional update within three weeks.