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Update 20th June

Posted by John Seccombe | 20/06/2023

UPDATE : Following discussions yesterday between the Loss Adjusters and the Insurance companies we have finally received authorisation to proceed with the repair of the building and wall. We understand this has been a long time coming and a frustrating process, something we have been unable to speed up any more than it has as it is a process entirely out of our control.

Our appointed contractor is currently discussing changes to the supporting scaffolding to enable a safe and stable area to work on and around the damaged building. With the changes made they will be able to access the building to dismantle it in its entirety from the roof down to ground level. It will be possible at this point for the scaffolding to be able to be removed and an assessment will be made as to whether it is possible to have a safe construction area without it and the traffic restrictions in place. The pavement area is very narrow along Syon Lane and it presents a real danger to anyone working outside the wall and building. It will only be at this point we will know if they can be removed or not. We are in communication with Hounslow highways and will discuss with them any restrictions necessary during the rebuild.


We are obviously cautious about offering any timescales as factors can and do change. Discussions have suggested that the entire rebuild could be as much as 11 weeks. This is dependant on many factors and stages which may be faster or slower than expected. We will keep providing updates with any changes that happen. We are hopeful that we will be able to remove the traffic restrictions much sooner but this will be dependant on the safety assessment made when the building is finally removed.


Your patience is as always appreciated, and I am sure you will appreciate with us the sight the of end of the tunnel.